MNKS celebrates its 10th anniversary

Big things happened – And there is more to come !

MNKS was created in 2004 and today – ten years later – can be considered as a true success story. Over the years, MNKS evolved from a small team to one of the leading business law firms in Luxembourg, representing local and international clients.

As stated in our core values, we believe that everyone is capable of great things if they are in the right environment. MNKS and numerous other success stories are the best examples for this statement.

To celebrate our 10th  anniversary, we want to present you a selection of other success stories and we start with one of the best known:


in 2004, Mark Zuckerberg and fellow Harvard students founded the social networking service Facebook, that has now over a billion users per month. Social networks and data protection go hand in hand and MNKS has in-depth experience in implementing strategies, systems and procedures relating to personal data processing.


Developing from a research project of two PhD candidates at Stanford into an international enterprise with 70 offices in more than 40 countries is an extraordinary success story. A market capitalization of more than $23 billion after its IPO has allowed its continued ability to achieve new and more far reaching goals.

Although MNKS cannot guarantee that your IPO will be quite as successful as Google’s, they can advise you on all matters relating to Capital and Financial Markets and help you to write your own success story…


We invite you to discover other success stories on our dedicated website .