LPEA & SECA Breakfast Event in Zurich

Max Welbes, Partner & Head of Investment Funds at MNKS will be a guest speaker at the LPEA / SECA Breakfast Conference which will be held in Zurich on February 4th.


After the introduction of the special limited partnership (“SPLP”), the European Venture Capital Funds (“EuVECA”) and more recently the European Long Term Fund “ELTIF”, Luxembourg continues to innovate. The year 2016 will welcome the Reserved Alternative Investment Fund (“RAIF”) which is expected to have the advantages of the known fund structures for private equity (SIF and SICAR) with those of the successful “Spezial-Kommanditgesellschaft”. Since the RAIF is not approved by the regulatory authority but by a regulated Alternative Investment Fund Managers (“AIFM”), it can therefore obtain a marketing authorization in the EU and feature further advantages with respect to timing and placement options.

These and further trends/ hot topics will be on discussion in a roundtable and Q&A hosted by LPEA and the Swiss PE/VC association SECA.

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