Cindy Arces appointed Deputy Managing Partner at MNKS

MNKS is delighted to announce the appointment of Cindy Arces as Deputy Managing Partner.

Cindy Arces started her career within the firm in 2000, following which she then practised for 4 years at a Luxembourg law firm specialising in litigation, before rejoining MNKS in 2005.

Cindy established the litigation department and further strengthened the labour law department alongside Marielle Stevenot.

She quickly became highly involved in business development activities and took on responsibilities in the firm’s internal management. She became a partner of MNKS in 2011 and joined the executive committee of the firm in 2015.

I spent the largest part of my career at MNKS, and so I experienced the many changes that the firm has undergone from its creation to the present time, which has given me unique insight and allowed me to have a global view of the challenges and priorities of the firm.”

MNKS positions itself as a true business partner

As Deputy Managing Partner, Cindy works on the development and implementation of the firm’s strategy alongside Katia Scheidecker, Managing Partner and co-founder of MNKS, as well as with the members of the management board: Marielle Stevenot and Catherine Baflast, both partners at MNKS. The expansion of our governance team allows for the possibility to be active in many projects simultaneously and to expand the firm’s services to new sectors.

The legal market is facing a real revolution today: the demands of clients are becoming increasingly complex, and the pressure on costs more evident. The role of the business lawyer is no longer that of an academic expert, it requires greater involvement in the strategy of the enterprises he/she advises and in the practical decision making process.

At MNKS we position ourselves as a true “Business Partner” to our clients. In this sense, we complete research to ensure we have a real understanding of their business and activity, as well as to have a global vision of their goals and the challenges they face today and will encounter tomorrow.”

Innovation at the heart of our strategy

In order to respond to these increasingly complex client requests it is no longer enough to be an expert in one legal jurisdiction. We must be able to offer customized solutions that exceed the boundaries of different legal specialties.

MNKS has chosen an approach which consists of bringing together lawyers specializing in different departments to have a real inter-practice collaboration and cross-departmental approach.

The firm also promotes a sectoral and transversal approach in order to fully meet the needs of its clients, putting an emphasis on the understanding of different sectors with specific needs, notably New Technologies, Real-Estate, Private Equity and Fintech. MNKS aims to truly innovate legal assistance by offering tailor-made solutions to its clients that surpass the traditional legal approach and as a result, to become a real strategic partner and advisor.

Cultivating its difference

The appointment of Cindy Arces, who has spent most of her career at MNKS, demonstrates that this forward-looking firm remains faithful to its roots and its values.

“Our vision is that the legal profession is above all based on human relations. We invest hugely in our relationship with our clients and are committed to long term, consistent relationships based on trust. We also share this trust with our collaborators and internal team. It is truly a part of the DNA of MNKS and we want to continue to cultivate that difference on a daily basis.”

Becoming an enduring institution

Since its inception in 2004 the size of the firm has more than tripled, to reach approximately sixty people. The firm went through several development phases to reach its current maturity.

MNKS’ success is a collective success, it is that of all of  the partners and all of the lawyers and support team, who together have contributed so much over the years and who, by their enthusiasm, dynamism, motivation and commitment, allow the firm to meet the current challenges. Today the firm holds all the cards to continue growing successfully. In the near future we want to allow MNKS to become an enduring institution. Our aim is to consolidate our corporate culture, which is already strong, and to emphasize the quality of the services we provide to our clients.”