Darina Cochrane, vice-chairperson of the Legal Group of The British Chamber of Commerce (BCC)




We are delighted to inform you that Darina Cochrane, Senior Associate, has been appointed as vice-chairperson of the Legal Group of the British Chamber of Commerce in Luxembourg as from January 2018, having been a committee member since January 2017.

This is a great opportunity for MNKS to have further involvement and exposure on the local market with professionals connected to the dynamic UK market.

In her role of vice chairperson, Darina will, among other things :

  • chair certain of the Legal Group meetings ;
  • act as a liaison and point of contact between members/the Legal Group and the Council (being the executive board of the BCC) ;
  • discuss noteworthy legal aspects covering all areas of law impacting BCC members,
  • organise Legal Group events ;
  • coordinate with committee members in terms of attention points, legal issues, events, newsletters etc.

For further details, please contact :

Darina Cochrane       BCC
 Darina Cochrane
 Senior Manager
 cochrane@mnks.com       www.bcc.lu
+352 26 48 42 1       +352 46 54 66