About us


MNKS is a leading Luxembourg business law firm that has expanded rapidly in recent years. We are proud of our position among the top ten business law firms in Luxembourg.

At MNKS our core values are focused on our people. We value personal relations and a team spirit and we promote communication and solidarity in working together. We are passionate about professionalism and quality in our work. We cultivate a culture driven by results by emphasizing constant self-assessment in achieving our goals. Guided by these human values, we remain on the right track to best serve our clients. Our unique culture provides us with a competitive edge that benefits both our clients and our firm.

At MNKS we believe that exceptional results are achieved when talented people work together in the right environment. That’s why we focus on teamwork and foster relationships based on trust and cooperation. We invest in our team members with trainings and a professional internal knowledge management organization. This empowerment of our people allows us to provide comprehensive and top quality assistance to our clients.

What makes us different is our unwavering commitment to our clients. We care about our clients; building strong client relationships and a culture of excellent client service remains our guiding compass. We make a promise to our clients to create a powerful partnership based on dependability, quality of service, strong client relationships and smart business solutions and we deliver on that promise.

We offer our clients with an extensive range of legal services, not only in the typical areas of law for a Luxembourg law firm, i.e. corporate law, financial law and tax law but also have top-tier expertise in a broader range of areas such as employment law, litigation/dispute resolution and Information Technology and IP law.

MNKS has a wide base of both domestic and international clients. Our strong international vision and excellent working relationships with international law firms, consultants and service providers, allow us to provide global coordination and integrated advice to clients whose business activities reach beyond Luxembourg.

All these elements mean that “we are committed to being a very dependable high quality business law firm, working seamlessly with our clients to bring them effective solutions.”