MNKS Knowledge Management

At MNKS we are committed to delivering consistently excellent advice to our clients efficiently. To this end, we promote a knowledge sharing and cooperative attitude within our firm and we have established our own Knowledge Management team.

The team consists of 3 highly competent professionals, including two senior lawyers who are fully dedicated to Knowledge Management. This team aims to optimise the know-how of our law firm by settling discussed legal matters, conducting and centralising in-depth legal research and following updates in legislation and case law, thus allowing us to be always up-to-date in our expertise and to create value for our clients.

Our Knowledge Management team proves extremely useful, so that our lawyers can benefit from expertise and analysis on specific matters, while continuing to follow their files in a reactive and pragmatic way.

Quick and efficient access to up-to-date information, templates and relevant documents is available internally through specially designed knowledge management software.

The Knowledge Management department also regularly circulates an internal legal update to all the law firm’s lawyers. Relevant legal topics are also discussed during meetings organised in each practice area.

In addition MNKS has an extensive legal library which contains more than 1,200 documents covering all business law areas. Those documents are kept up-to-date and supplemented through subscription to various external data bases.