Our promise to clients

Our value proposition is based on 4 complementary pillars.


What we particularly value at MNKS is our ability to deliver consistent services to our clients, on time and within the agreed budget.

Technical expertise

MNKS is proud to have only  lawyers with exceptional technical and human qualities in our teams. Indeed, its highly specialised and multilingual lawyers have mainly gained their experience in international networks or leading local law firms and are used to handling complex legal issues.

Acting as a business partner

When advising clients, the leading partner will not only take into account the purely legal aspects of his/her client’s needs, but also always ensure to have  a comprehensive understanding of the clients’ business and requirements. Promoting transversality, MNKS uses a multi-disciplinary and integrated approach by coordinating various departments and expertise. MNKS’s lawyers consider themselves as being more than legal advisors, but rather true business partners to our clients.

Contact’s availability

Forging special relationships with our clients has also be made possible by the implementation of a designated point of contact between a client and our firm and by the capacity of the lawyers to quickly answer and react to their clients’ needs in a pragmatic way.

Proposing this set of qualities makes us believe that MNKS truly is a different law firm.