Our Values

At MNKS, we believe that everyone is capable of great things if they are in the right environment. Our core values are therefore focused on people.

Team spirit
We base our working relationships on trust, cooperation, knowledge sharing and helping each other. Each person has a role to play within MNKS and is invited to contribute to the development of the firm. Unity as a firm means we can pull together in going the extra mile for our clients.

Personal relations
We care about relationships with each individual and focus on being available, listening, developing an understanding and taking into account (to the extent that it is possible) specific personal situations, notably in order to better identify people’s potential and retain young talent.

Sharing, mutual support and trust are core values. We promote group effort and unity as opposed to competition and individualism.

Professionalism / Quality
The quality of our services derives from our technical, managerial skills, our internal organisation, the nature of our interpersonal relations and our constant desire to satisfy our clients. This implies a process of constant self-improvement through searching for excellence and efficiency (notably through delegation, coaching and training).

Communication and transparency at all levels are encouraged.

Regular self-assessment
We think it is important to constantly measure our accomplishments. That’s why we set down milestones for the achievement of our long-term goals that allow us to ‘project-manage’ our ambition. We regularly question our existing practices and encourage innovation, dynamism and flexibility so as to stay competitive in a permanently evolving market.

Results-driven culture
Only actual results allow the firm to move forward. Our people are ambitious and our motivation lies in the accomplishment of our goals. Everyone is responsible at their level to ensure that expected outcomes are effectively achieved.