Administrative Law

Recent years have seen an increase in European and national rules regulating the action of public authorities and official bodies. Mainly inspired by EU regulations and directives, Administrative law has developed to become a specific field of law in Luxembourg, distinct from public law.

Many sectors are regulated by specific legislation and thus require accurate knowledge and experience in these areas of practice. In addition to the State bodies, local authorities (communes) and association of Communes (syndicat de communes), many other public bodies have been created to oversee the regulation of activities (such as data protection, financial sector, property planning and economic development) or to manage the supply of specific public services.

Administrative decisions taken by public authorities and bodies may be challenged through an internal appeal filed with the author of the decision (recours gracieux) or a judicial appeal to the Administrative courts.

MNKS regularly advises and defends companies and private bodies dealing with administrative issues in the fields of:

  • Public procurement and tenders (National and European)
  • Governmental regulations (mobile communications services)
  • Town and country planning and property use
  • Data protection
  • Dispute resolution and judicial review
  • Environmental law
  • Administrative authorisation
  • Public law aspects of EC litigation
  • Tax