Having Fun Together

As we like being together, various social events are organised throughout the year by our Social Events team.

This gives us the opportunity to get to know our colleagues better, and especially those with whom we do not usually have the chance to work with.

Events are always planned with the spirit of having fun and spending time together, socialising in a more relaxed environment where work can be forgotten about for a while.

Our events notably include:

  • a Christmas event;
  • an annual staff day to reassess the team’s objectives for the forthcoming year;
  • a special week-end where we can hang out together in a more tranquil environment or to participate in more adventurous activities;
  • our annual famous Karaoke; and
  • various other drinks organised throughout the year to celebrate special occasions such as promotions and anniversaries, but also regular drinks for… no particular reason (every two weeks during the summer).