What We Offer

What about remuneration?

MNKS offers a competitive salary package, which depends on the education and the professional experience of each candidate.

When legally possible, lawyers in our firm have the status of self-employed. Other people are employees. From a financial perspective, both self-employed and employees are assessed equally.

But it’s not all about money

MNKS is different.

We care about creating and sustaining a favourable working environment to work in, being both productive but also in an as relaxed as possible an atmosphere.

In order to do this, MNKS has over the years introduced different initiatives to optimise the well-being of our people. These include:

 VPN (Virtual Private Network) / Teleworking

We promote flexibility in order to meet individuals’ needs and to help provide a better quality of life. That’s why it is possible for some of our lawyers to access the firm’s computing network from long distance and to work occasionally from home or to telecommute on a regular basis.

Purchase of days off / Recovery days

To recharge the batteries and to enjoy interests outside of the firm, we offer our people the possibility of buying up to 5 supplementary days off a year, with all or part of the annual bonus granted to them.

We also grant recovery days on a monthly and discretionary basis to allow our people to recover further to exceptional efforts.

Part-time work

The work we do is exciting and challenging but it can also be demanding. Finding a balance between your work and your outside interests and commitments is important and a great motivating factor.

Whatever their level, we try as much as possible to support our people in their choice of working on a part-time basis.

We invest in you

We care about creating a favourable working environment that will help you to grow professionally in developing all your potential attributes.


Upon your arrival, a more experienced person will be appointed to help you integrate within the firm. Your mentor’s mission is to listen to you when necessary and to provide you with support and advice.

You will also benefit from the daily advice and guidance of those around you, notably through our teamwork delegation system.

When joining us, you will receive our “Welcome Pack”, a guide that will give you an overview of our organisation in order to facilitate your arrival.


We have a knowledge sharing philosophy through reciprocal cooperation. Internal trainings are regularly prepared and presented by one or several senior lawyers to the others, providing them with the opportunity to increase or update their knowledge on specific legal matters.

We also offer external training opportunities that may relate to technical legal matters but also soft skills (such as time management, stress management, delegation…) and languages.

Knowledge Management

Our knowledge management team assists our lawyers daily in their legal research and ensures that a common pool of information is available to everyone that is both efficient and straightforward. The principle sources of information include the library and our internal database “KISS” (Knowledge Information Sharing Source).

Express your talents

At MNKS, we like entrepreneurs.

We value our people’s personal investment and commitment to the continuing growth of our firm and we try to provide them with the opportunity to get actively involved in various aspects of the firm’s organisation and day-to-day management.

We believe you have the right to know what is happening within the firm apart from what directly concerns you. For that reason, we have regular internal meetings to update everyone on HR, knowledge management, marketing, events, business developments and other strategic developments.

We also believe that it is our people who know best what could be improved within our firm. This is the reason why our HR, internal communication and employee representative groups listen to any constructive ideas given and initiatives undertaken at all levels, and develop subsequent means of initiating them.

Within MNKS, different working groups such as events or internal communication groups include members of the firm at all levels. These interactive groups provide a platform to exchange ideas, to provide constructive suggestions, to provide an overview of and to participate in the management of the firm.