• Current opportunities 14 août 2018

    MNKS ranks amongst the TOP 10 business law firms in Luxembourg and provides high quality legal solutions to major international and domestic clients active mainly in the financial, information technology and telecommunications sectors as well as in industry. As experts in Corporate, Banking & Finance, Employment and Technologies & IP law, we combine our tailored [...]

  • Main clauses relating to the maintenance of the structure of the share capital 31 juillet 2018

    In our previous « MNKS booklet » dedicated to shareholders’ agreements[1], we briefly described the main clauses restricting the transferability of shares in a Luxembourg commercial company: clauses of inalienability, approval clauses and pre-emption clauses. Alongside such clauses, which are usually designed to prevent the entry of one or several unwanted third-parties into the share capital of [...]

  • NEWSFLASH – Stages : Bientôt de nouvelles règles 27 juillet 2018

    L’absence de règles précises n’est pas toujours une bonne chose et dans certains domaines, cela peut permettre des comportements jugés abusifs par la société. C’est pour prévenir ces derniers, et pour préciser les dispositions du Code du travail, que le Ministère du Travail souhaite réglementer les stages effectués par les élèves et étudiants. Les stages [...]

  • Les principales clauses relatives au maintien de la structure du capital 20 juin 2018

    Dans notre précédent cahier de MNKS consacré aux conventions d’actionnaires[1] nous avons brièvement décrit les principales clauses destinées à restreindre la cessibilité des titres d’une société commerciale de droit luxembourgeois : clauses d’inaliénabilité, clauses d’agrément et clauses de préemption. A côté de ces clauses visant habituellement à prévenir l’entrée d’un ou plusieurs tiers non désiré(s) au [...]

  • NEWSFLASH – MNKS Congrats its 2018 promoted! 4 juin 2018

    Recently promoted in 2018, we are committed to highlighting the achievement of our five collaborators.   Our Corporate-M&A team, experienced in Mergers & Acquisitions, Private Equity and Corporate Structuring, provides a complete range of services combining expertise and cross-competent approach to meet the global needs of our clients. We have experience in all types of [...]

  • Main contractual clauses restricting the free transferability of shares in S.A. and S.A R.L. companies 31 mai 2018

    Under the influence of common law, we have been assisting for many years in the exponential development of extra-statutory agreements under Luxembourg law (commonly known as shareholders agreements or partnership agreements or any combination of these terms). Designed to govern the relationships between the shareholders of a company in addition to its articles of association, [...]

  • NEWSFLASH – Le RGPD entre en vigueur aujourd’hui : Conseils pratiques et étapes à suivre dans le cadre de votre projet de mise en conformité 25 mai 2018

    Le nouveau règlement général 2016/679 relatif à la protection des données à caractère personnel (« RGPD ») est officiellement applicable dès aujourd’hui. Dans le cadre de ses activités quotidiennes, votre entreprise est amenée à traiter des données personnelles, à savoir, des données permettant d’identifier directement ou indirectement une personne physique (nom, prénom, adresse email même professionnelle, signature, [...]

  • MNKS advises Delphi Technologies in their GDPR project 26 avril 2018

        MNKS is currently assisting Delphi Technologies with their GDPR compliance project‎. Our dedicated Technologies & IP team, led by Audrey Rustichelli, has been working with Delphi Technologies since 2016 in order to help them reach an optimum level of compliance in the framework of the GDPR. Starting with a thorough inventory of ongoing [...]

  • NEWSFLASH – Transparency vs. data protection: questions raised by the draft law 7217/00 on the creation of Luxembourg register of beneficial owners of registered company 26 avril 2018

    On 20 May 2015, the European Parliament adopted the Directive (EU) 2015/849 on the prevention of the use of the financial system for the purposes of money laundering or terrorist financing (the “AMLD 4”), providing EU members states (the “Members States”) with improved rules on money laundering to fight against tax evasions and terrorism financing. [...]

  • Legal 500 recognizes MNKS expertise in the complete range of its practices 17 avril 2018

      In its new 2018 edition, Legal 500 recognised all of the practice areas of MNKS as ranked. Moreover, clients also recommend all of our Partners and Heads of practice.   Corporate & M&A Clients recommend a three-partner team which provides ‘sophisticated advice’ to a predominantly US and UK-based client roster. The ‘excellent’ Saskia Myners excels in handling private equity [...]