Commercial Contracts / Business Licence

We provide assistance notably in drafting and reviewing contracts and legal issues in relation to:

  • business licences for instance granted by the CSSF
  • services agreements and outsourcing
  • general terms and conditions
  • imports and exports
  • joint ventures
  • competition and distribution
  • consumer protection law
  • liability of business actors
  • insolvency and liquidation.

We also verify the compliance of foreign contracts with Luxembourg law in the light of the Luxembourg public order.

We have in particular developed an expertise applied to the new technologies sector including:

  • IT and telecommunication services agreements and outsourcing
  • use of websites, works or products protected by IP rights such as software or electronic devices
  • Control of the entry on the market of generic pharmaceuticals
  • Advice following to the implementation of the “telecom package”
  • Distribution through for instance:
    -  e-commerce agreements, franchising with vendors and with consumers
    -  IP aspects of distribution agreements
    -  agreements for the marketing and distribution of pharmaceuticals.

Sample of recent projects which illustrate our expertise in the area of commercial contracts.