Daily HR Issues

“Can I change the working hours of my employees?”

“Do I have to apply an index-linked salary increase if I already granted salary increases to my employees recently?”

“Does the company need to maintain an employee’s benefits during maternity and parental leave?”

These are just some examples of the numerous questions that a Human Resources Manager has to answer every day. We are here to provide you with clear and quick answers to all these daily legal issues.

Our practice in this field also includes:

  • drafting and reviewing employment and consultancy agreements, staff handbooks and restrictive covenants.
  • assisting our clients in disciplinary procedures, dismissals and negotiation of settlements.
  • advising on any question relating to:
    -  recruitment
    -  modification of contract
    -  working time
    -  employee disability & absenteeism
    -  work councils
    -  collective labour agreement
    -  social security
    -  health and safety at work.

In order to ensure the compliance of your HR documentation and policies with Luxembourg employment laws, we carry out legal due diligence, the scope of which is determined according to your particular needs.

We have also developed a daily information and consultancy service under the form of a global client services contract (“contrat d’abonnement“), which allows you to avail of our legal services as soon as the need arises and to obtain a quick and straightforward answer to various day-to-day questions.