Employee Benefits

What are the legal conditions and formalities required in order to amend the company’s pension scheme?

How can a stock option plan be set up for employees?”

“How can a situation where the payment of a bonus becomes a vested right on the part of the employees be avoided?”

Rewarding employees and executives for their commitment and contribution to the company’s growth and success is becoming an essential component of a competitive salary package to attract and retain talent.

Part of a successful private equity transaction also relies on the implementation of efficient incentives for the management to encourage their involvement in the company’s development.

In addition, providing for pension benefits, which shall supplement the State pension scheme, is necessary to meet the concerns of today’s employees.

Our team advises on and establishes all forms of compensation delivered to employees, executives or consultants, all specifically tailored to meet the client’s requirements and taking into account tax optimization and regulatory constraints.

Our expertise includes notably:

  • share option plans and phantom stock plans
  • other incentive schemes
  • holiday saving accounts
  • pension funds
  • occupational complementary pension schemes

Where appropriate, we draw on the expertise of consultants and experts from related fields, such as internally from our Corporate Finance team, but also externally from actuarial and insurance experts.