HR Training

It is becoming more and more important for HR managers, CEO’s or even team leaders to have a general knowledge and understanding of some employment law issues which they may face on a regular basis.

In addition to regularly collaborating with training institutes as lecturers and speaking at conferences and seminars, we aim to keep you ahead of the game through interactive tailored trainings.

Whether you wish to raise your managers’ awareness of the employment law issues involved when managing their teams, to train your new foreign HR director on Luxembourg employment legislation or to ensure that you keep up to date on this evolving field, we can design the training program, in French or English, which will best fit your needs.

Some examples of training programs:

  • Overview of Luxembourg employment law
  • Termination of the employment contract
  • The legal aspects of recruitment and hiring
  • Physchological harassment and bullying at work
  • Legal aspects of the management of employee leave
  • Remuneration of executives and managers