International Mobility

Is a work permit application necessary to hire a US employee?

Can an employee seconded to the United Kingdom remain covered by the Luxembourg social security scheme?

Are there any formalities to be complied with in order for employees of a Belgian company to perform services within the Luxembourg territory?

Due to Luxembourg’s international exposure, expatriations, secondments and other cross-border employment situations (e.g. salary splits) are common issues which companies deal with.

The effective management of the international mobility of employees implies anticipation of and dealing with a host of interconnected individual concerns and legal issues in relation with employment, social security, tax and immigration.

We are experienced in all legal aspects related to multinational employment situations. We advise and draft the required contractual documentation according to Luxembourg, European and international applicable law and best practices.

We rely on our international network to ensure compliance with local regulations.

We can also assist you on international social security issues and any immigration formalities. Thanks to an informal network based on past successful collaboration, we are able to recommend various service providers (such as tax consultants and payroll agencies) and to ensure the coordination of a smooth transition of employees to / from Luxembourg.