MNKS has a dedicated FinTech offer of services which covers all legal aspects of FinTech, and in particular:

  • Data Management / Data Security
  • Electronic payment and money institutions / crypto currencies
  • Equity crowd Funding / P2P lending
  • Traditional and smart contracts

With the emergence of FinTech, a large part of the economy is rapidly growing and evolving towards digitalization and automatic processes. Being already one of the leading financial marketplace in Europe, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg positions itself as a European hub for FinTechs with the express support of the Luxembourg government together with numerous public and private institutions. The FinTech sector is particularly dynamic in Luxembourg with investments in FinTech companies growing exponentially each year.

MNKS already acquired a strong experience and leadership in Luxembourg by advising several FinTech companies in complex and varied matters. MNKS’ FinTech dedicated work force provides a focussed understanding of the sector and is able to assist its clients in all areas of activities, directly or indirectly linked to FinTech, by coordinating various departments and expertise (finance, corporate, new technologies, regulatory, contractual law, IP/IT).