Communications / Media

Our team has an unparalleled knowledge on how the “telecom package” was transposed into national law and advanced skills with respect to media contractual aspects.

The boundaries between communications and media tend to fade as a consequence of convergence. This does not apply however to the laws and regulation applicable to these areas which, to the contrary, tend to expand and get more complex.

In addition to questions around notifications to the national regulator, our team is involved in all matters in relation to electronic communications regulation, notably with respect to complex VoIP and MPLS networks and services.

Our team assists clients with the commercial and legal challenges they face through advertising, direct marketing and media projects, with a particular focus on consumer and personal data protection.

Also, over the years, Luxembourg has become an attractive centre for filmmaking in Europe. We provide assistance in applying for the benefit of the advantageous financial support system offered by the Luxembourg Government to ensure the growth of the media sector: audiovisual investment certificates and selective financial aids.