Data protection / Privacy

Our team counts among the most skilled specialists in data protection.  They have exceptional expertise in data protection regulation and are heavily involved with the regulator.

Thanks to an impressive track record, we possess in-depth experience in implementing strategies, systems and procedures relating to personal data processing.  We have also developed an extensive expertise relating to the transfer of personal data from Luxembourg.

MNKS has regular contact with the Luxembourg data protection authority. This improves our reactivity and allows us to find pragmatic solutions which comply with the requirements of the law and interpretation of the regulator’s guidelines.

Work in this practice area is often at the crossroads between IT and employment (workplace surveillance, Internet and e-mail policies, stock option plans). MNKS’ strength is to have both IT and employment top ranked teams.



On 27 April 2016, the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was adopted. The GDPR contains new obligations for companies, established or not in the EU, which will have to re-examine their internal data protection processes and procedures to be able to ensure compliance with this new data protection landscape.

The GDPR will be directly applicable on 25 May 2018 in all Member States; most organisations should therefore begin the process of getting GDPR ready.

Our specialists have prepared a “compliance package” and are ready to assist clients in every step to be taken in this context. Indeed, it is now important for clients to (i) know their obligations and understand the changes introduced by the GDPR, (ii)  identify where they are in terms of compliance and what they need to do and (iii) design and implement solutions and processes.