Information Technology

MNKS benefits from a widely recognized expertise in IT law. With a comprehensive understanding of technology and electronics, the team specialises in commercial and regulatory matters relating to the IT sector.

Our practitioners are familiar with the particular requirements of businesses and the challenges they face in the IT sector. They advise on all aspects of law relating to technology, from work covering software (whether licensed or distributed as service in ASP mode) and technology licensing through to security, dematerialization and so-called ‘legal’ archiving projects.

We use our strong experience to create tailor-made agreements, especially for projects involving communications and innovating technologies.

The team advises on various security issues which are at the forefront of any IT system in today’s world: identity management, PKI infrastructures and certification practice statements, computer forensics, and intrusion.

MNKS also assists IT vendors and users with a wide range of legal services in relation to corporate, employment (including the use of IT by employees) and dispute resolution matters.