Internet / E-commerce

Our team has a market-leading position with respect to online business and assists several world-famous companies that have chosen to establish their European headquarters in Luxembourg.

Our strong technical expertise and genuine sector understanding allows us to advise web site promoters and online merchants and assist with the drafting of terms of use, specific terms and conditions of sale, data protection disclaimers and policies and numerous forms of agreements with vendors, suppliers, customers or consumers.

We also assist Internet service providers to draft specific access, hosting and maintenance agreements tailored to meet their particular needs. This also includes domain name registration services, sponsoring and advertising agreements, security policies and many other aspects of Internet-related services.

Clients often ask us to provide them with background knowledge in respect of and to make them more familiar with the legislative framework governing the use of Internet and e-mail in the workplace. In this respect, we assist our clients in drafting Internet and e-mail policies or corresponding contractual provisions for their standard employment contracts.