Eugénie Venturini


Before joining PwC Legal, Eugénie carried out a range of various traineeships in a bank and had her fist job in interim as a back office employee. She also worked as an “au pair” for 9 months and as a volunteer in schools for disadvantaged children for two years.

At PwC Legal Eugénie has 5 years experience working with the invoicing department, most particularly she is in charge of debt collection and general external invoicing queries.

She also assists the HR department in many areas including the recruitment of staff members and the internal follow up of employees’ holidays and absences, liaising with the CCSS in this regard. Eugénie is also involved in the smooth integration of new staff members into the firm and in doing so, she follows various human resource procedures put in place by the company. She is also part of the internal communication process of the firm to ensure that all staff are fully informed and updated on various PwC Legal matters and events.


  • Currently completing a Accounting and Management Diploma by correspondence with Comptalia (Montpellier)
  • Degree in languages, literature and foreign civilisation (France), 2006
  • DEUG of languages, literature and foreign civilisation (France), 2005
  • Cambridge Exam level 3 and courses of level 4 in Goldsmith University (England), 2004
  • English degree in Metz/Nancy specialising in FLE and in English (France)


Eugénie likes socialising and going out with friends.

She enjoys several sports, in particular abseiling and she also takes modern jazz dance classes.