Sébastien Fourcade


Sébastien started working in accountancy in 2000.

Before joining PwC Legal in early 2007, he worked in a services firm as a providers’ accountant, for two years, where he assured the follow-up of suppliers’ invoices. Then, he worked in various accountancy firms where he managed the accountancy of different customers (notably in relation to their suppliers, customers, banks, fiscal statements, etc).

At PwC Legal, he is mainly in charge of the invoicing department: he ensures the follow-up of the billable time performed by the lawyers; he prepares invoices to send to clients; he makes the relevant registrations in accountancy and he deals with requests from clients and lawyers.

He takes control of accountancy as well as some administrative aspects.

He enjoys contributing to the development of PwC Legal and seeks to progressively increase his responsibilities.


BTS Accountancy and Management, ISEFAC Bordeaux (France), 2002


Sébastien plays Football but he is also interested in others sports (squash, badminton and jogging to name a few).

He likes watching American TV series, going to the cinema, going out with friends and socialising.

He also likes listening to music, especially Radiohead, Muse, Nada Surf, Goldman, Damien Rice and many others artists. Moreover, he is learning to play the guitar.